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Website Updates



August-September - Still programming/coding the website.  I will be adding the Updates to a Database to have an easier interface for adding information.  The front page news has been implemented, class schedule, in addition to some pages that will allow you to directly submit news and information to me.

July - I have been updating the website w/ database references for easier updates.  The Class Schedule is now linked to a database.  There is a "Submit Bio" link where you will be able to submit your bio directly to me to save time.



August - updated news.php page, some MAI, belt test advancements and student/sempai/sensei pages.

July 23 - updated news.php page and some bios.

July - Weekly maintenance of tournaments, news, belt testers, etc.

May-June - Finalized the new .php version of the website with new features.

April 1-2 - Continuing updating pages for new version.  Fixed Favicon, 404 pages, etc.  Added Seminar link and added Belt Test Results for March 29 in addition to modifying the page.

March - Updating new version to be posted.  Transferred website hosts.  Updated seminars page.

March 5 - Updated Belt Test Results from 2-15-03. Updated Belt Test Results from 2-15-03.

February 18 - Updated Kenpo Belt Test Pics from 1-25-03.

February 9 - Updated Belt Test Advancement pages.  Updated all BIOS pages.

February 6 - Updated Belt Test Advancement pages, sorted by last name.

January 29 - Updated Shihan's bio, added Timmothy Tcha to sempai page,

January 28 - Updated American Form 1 and Mu San Dai page.  Added another tournament on May 10.  Created a All Tournaments Page to keep dates of when previous tournaments were.  Also formated the Past Tournament Winners page.

January 24 - Updated Semapi page with new sempais.

January 23 - Updated Schedule page with dojo 2 specific schedules.

January 22 - Updated Main page with news.

January 19 - Updated Belt Advancements page.

January 13 - Updated news page, changed the tournaments page around.

January 6 - Updated news page, fixed links on past news page.



December 15 - Tournament schedule updated for 2003. Belt Rank Terminology updated.

November 25 - Present - New Site Layout.  Misc Fixes. Seminars page.

November 18, 2002 - Summaries of the Shotokan Dojo Kun. Little Dragons Requirements.

November 13, 2002 - Link updates modifications to layout on belt reqs.

November 11, 2002 - Shihan / Eric Practicing Kenpo pictures, added a few more Shotokan Katas.

November 09, 2002 - Philly Trip PicsWhite Dragon Underbelt Test 11-09-02.

November 04, 2002 - Tournament pages updated.  Added a "Upcoming Events" link.  Short writeup on Heian SanDan.

November 03, 2002 - Self Defense Seminar Nov. 2, 2002 Photo Gallery.

November 02, 2002 - Kenpo Belt Test (10-19-02) Photo Gallery.




Last Update: 08/20/14
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