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What makes a White Dragon?
A White Dragon is a symbol of Life

White Dragons of Bushido
Black Belt Creed


I do solemnly swear, that as a White Dragons of Bushido Black Belt, I will always strive to live a life that symbolizes the Code of Ethics. I will work diligently to continue to edify my life in a manner that will sustain the irrepressible spirit of White Dragons of Bushido. With great pride and a humble heart, I will share my knowledge and skills with those seeking to empower their lives through martial arts. I will gladly give back what has been shared with me.

I will be loyal to the White Dragons of Bushido system and to its founder, my instructor, Shihan Ron Bennett. No matter where I go, or what I do, my heart will be filled with a spirit of love, unity and brotherhood.

I will fill my life with courage, both morally and physically, understanding courage is a virtue that enables me to uphold the Code of Ethics in times of doubt, in times of peace, in times of war.

I will emulate the lives of the Gishi, ancestral men of great rectitude. My encounters with others will reflect my desire for justice in all things.

I will walk with a benevolent, noble heart. I will offer sympathy to those in mourning, compassion to those in crisis, and love to those that deserve it the least.

I will never deface my name, or that of White Dragons of Bushido, by being untruthful. For I know lying is not only cowardice, but also a sign of weakness, and is highly dishonorable.

Those I meet will describe me as a polite and gentle person. Politeness is the tradition and symbolism of the history of martial arts, and the future of martial arts, which I now hold in my hands. I will live a conscious life in order to uphold personal dignity and worth.

I reverently accept the title of White Dragons of Bushido Black Belt. It is with great humility, remember always, loyalty, justice, courage, benevolence, truthfulness, politeness and honor, that I will wear this belt.

I accept this creed to be a part of my every day life and I do this willingly.




Last Update: 5/02/03
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