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Shihan's Thoughts


A Thought
from Shihan Ron Bennett
to our Website Guest

A dojo martial arts training hall is a miniature world where we come to know more about ourselves, our fears, our anxieties, our reactions and habits. It is a place of learning about conflict where we meet an opponent who is not actually an enemy but rather a friend learning together to understand ourselves better. It is a place where we can learn a great deal in a short time about who we are and how we can and should react in our homes, at school or work, with friends and enemies and in the world.

The White Dragons dojo is a place of love, peace, safety and learning. We welcome you to our world, on the web, and hope you enjoy all your time here. Our students have enjoyed their personal study and hope to inspire each of you to consider training or continue your effort in Martial Arts training.

It is our hope that you will always live life with perseverance and drive, always remaining loyal to those who provide you opportunity and knowledge. That you understand true Bushido, serving with honor the masters, systems and styles you have gained Martial Arts knowledge from, properly representing your roots, never claiming to be "self-taught", since this is never the case. That you each present truth, never falsify or embellish on your achievements or the achievements of another to make yourself look better or for personal or financial gain.



Last Update: 5/02/03

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