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White Dragons Cardio
Famous Friends
Student Pics 2
TaiKenJu-Ryu Test 10-19-02
Underbelt Tests - Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Champions - Tournaments, Logo, Misc
Blackbet and Sempai Weddings
  Kirk and LeAnn Spencer
Manuel and Kelley Melendez
Chinese WuShu Champions
  WDOB Demonstrations
Gym Demonstrations
Chillin' at the home
Competition Clips & Pics
Las Vegas
Jay Shupe Fundraisers "Sister" Schools
  Chevron Carwash
Walmart Carwash
  San Dimas Red Dragon Sister School

Red Dragon 1990 - 1993

  Jhoon Rhee Visits WDOB
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Larry Kongaika 2002
Larry Kongaika 2003
Red Dragon 1993 -1997
  Dojo Pics
Halloween pics
It's your birthday?
Rare Pics
Tournament pics
Misc / Other Pics
  Kenpo in 1988
Shihan practicing Kenpo




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