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Federations of All Martial Arts



AAF - American Aikido Federation

AAKF - American Amateur Karate Federation

AAU - Amateur Athletic Union

ABA - American Bando Association

ACTA - American Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Association

ACTCA - American Collegiate tae Kwon Do Coaches Association

AEKF - All European Karate Federation

AFJA - Armed Forces judo Association

AFKA - Armed Forces Karate Association

AJCKF - All Japan Collegiate Karate-do Federation

AJJF - All Japan Juken-do Federation

AJKA - All Japan Karate-do Association

AJKF - All Japan Karate-do Federation

AJKF - All Japan Kendo Federation

AJKF - All Japan Kyudo Federation

AJKO - All Japan karate-do Organization

AJKR - All Japan Kyudo Renmei

AJNF - All Japan Naginata-do Federation

AKA - American Karate Association

AKBBA - American Karate Black Belt Association

AOKA - American-Okinawa Karate Association

AOKF - All Okinawa Karate-do Federation

AOKKL - All Okinawa Kenpo Karate-do League

BAA - British Aikido Association

BJA - British judo Association

BKF - Black Karate Federation

BKR - British Kendo Renmei

CJU - Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Union

CKBBA - Canadian Kodokan Black Belt Association

CPCA - Chinese Physical Culture Association

ECKA - East coast Karate Alliance

EJU - European Judo Union

EKU - European Karate Union

FAJKO - Federation for All-Japan Karate-do Organizations

FBBA - Florida Black Belt Association

FKU - Feminist Karate Union

FPJ - Federation for Practicing Jujutsuans

GAISF - General Assembly of International Sports Federation

IAKF - International Amateur Karate Federation

IBA - International Bando Association

IIKA - International Isshinryu Karate Association

IJF - International Judo Federation

IKA - International Karate Association

IKF - International Kendo Federation

IKKA - International Kenpo Karate Association

ITF - International TaeKwonDo Federation

JBBF - Judo Black Belt Federation

JKA - Japan Karate Association

JKF - Japan Karate Federation

KISI - Kebudajaan Ilmu Silat Indonesia

KRANE - Karate referees Association of New England

KTA - Korea TaeKwonDo Association

KYA - Korean Yudo Association

MAHF - Martial Arts for the Handicapped Federation

MEKA - Mid-East Karate Association

MKA - Mexican Karate Association

NATU - North American Tae kwon Do Union

NCJA - National Collegiate Judo Association

NCKRA - Northern California Karate Referees Association

NKL - National karate League

NKUGB - National karate Union of Great Britain

ODAA - Oriental Defensive Arts Association

OKF - Okinawan Karate Federation

PAKU - Pan-American Karate Union

PATU - Pan-American Tae Kwon Do Union

PKA - Professional Karate Association

PMAA - Physicians Martial Arts Association

SEKA - South East Karate Association

SEPKC - South East Professional Karate Commission

SKA - Shotokan Karate of America

TJBBA - Texas Judo Black Belt Association

UKF - United Karate Federation

USAKF - United States of America Karate Federation

USJA - United States Judo Association

USJF - United States Judo Association

USJJF - United States JuJitsu Federation

USKA - United States Karate Association

USMA - United States Maccabiah Association

USMAF - United States Martial Arts Federation

USOJC - United States Olympic Judo Committee

USTAA - United States Tomiki Aikido Association

WBBL - World Black Belt League

WKA - World Karate Association

WKU - World Karate Union

WPKO - World Professional Karate Organization

WSMAC - World Series of Martial Arts Championships

WTF - World TaeKwonDo Federation

WUKO - World Union of Karate-do Organizations




Last Update: 9/02/03