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Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate


American Kenpo Karate (Ed Parker’s Kenpo) was developed by Ed parker, who was the foremost authority and instructor of Kenpo in the United States, as well as other countries throughout the world. He is the founder of the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate System as well as the IKKA. Ed Parker is the undisputed father of American Kenpo Karate, having opened the first commercial Karate studio in the United States in 1954, out of Provo, Utah.  He then opened up the Pasadena Dojo in 1956.

American Kenpo was influenced by the Chinese art of which Mr. Parker realized early in his training, the need for new innovations in the system. Analyzing the methods of fighting in Hawaii (the place of his birth and early rearing), he saw the unquestionable need for an updated version of the Martial Arts. Breaking the bonds of tradition, he experimented with the more logical and practical means of combating our modern day methods of fighting – thus emerged with his own interpretation of the Art. Principles and concepts set down to him as fact began to be disproved. In theory they seemed sound, but put into practice, they proved to be obsolete.

Mr. Parker’s added concepts, theories, principles, and innovations, not yet employed by other systems, is what makes his Kenpo system unique, practical, logical, realistic, and applicable. It employs linear as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power when and where needed, interspersed with minor and major moves that flow with continuity. It is flexible in though and action so as to blend with encounters as they occur. Mr. Parker’s uniqueness rests in his continuous efforts to combat traditional restrictions binding progressive thinking. His over four decades of experience, contributions, and revolutionary concepts establishes him as Sr. Grand Master of our system, the author of our training material, and the founder of the IKKA.

The ultimate aim and goal of the IKKA is to provide an opportunity for all instructors to work together comparing, correcting, modernizing, and improving upon the base existing knowledge. We look forward to offering many beneficial products, services, and business development assistance to our fellow Kenpo practitioners in 2003.




Last Update: 5/22/03
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