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Little Dragon Patch Placement


Student Uniform (7 Patches)
White Dragon - Left Breast
USA Flag - Right Shoulder (top)
Japanese Flag - Right Shoulder (middle)
Korean Flag - Right Shoulder (bottom)
Tae Kwon Do - Right Leg (top)
Shotokan Tiger - Right Leg (bottom)
Bushido - Left Leg


Team Uniform (6 Patches)
White Dragon - Left Breast
USA Flag / Japanese Flag - Right Arm (top)
Shotokan Tiger - Right Arm (bottom)
USA Flag / Korean Flag - Left Arm (top)
Tae Kwon Do - Left Arm (bottom)
Bushido - Left Leg


Life Skills Patch
The Life Skills Patch is used to promote a positive attitude inside and outside of the dojo. Little Dragons receive the Life Skills patch after attending class on a regular basis (8 times in a 4 week period). The stripes are awarded for different skills attained. The memory strip is for memorizing the Universal Common Creed. The Lil' Dragon strip is given on a birthday. Sensei Karen and Sensei Shellie are still working out the requirements for the other stripes. They will keep you informed of their progress!




Last Update: 5/02/03
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